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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Surviving Your First Day

    Ok so I am guessing since your are reading this post that you have auditioned and got the job. Or not and you could also be trying to get ahead of the game and do your research. If so I definitely recommend reading my last three stripper blogs to help you get started.

Inside Look Into My Stage Set And VIP

How To Be A Stripper

Confidence And Following Through With Your Audition

 However if you got the job and you find yourself sitting in the locker room wondering what to do next. The first step is to take a deep breathe and relax you got the job Babe, furthermore got what I think is the hardest part over and done with. Honestly cause just think of your audition on replay with some dancing thrown in. Lol and look now you are done with your first day. It is your nerves that can honestly make or break your days as a dancer. It is really obvious when a dancer is nerves and unsure about herself. This might work for a few customers but won't secure you that bag in the long run. A lot of men that come into the club are really insecure not all. We have our hand full of men and women that come in for a good time and fun nights. But the customers that come on a regular usually do so because this where they find they can get attention from women even if it is at cost.

  With these men already carrying their own insecurities and don't won't to have to take on someone else's. Also walking up to these type of men 100% sure of yourself and worth. Honestly makes it really intimating for them to say no to you.  You will definitely run into your handle full of rejections from customer never take it personal. And never let that stop you from asking the next one for a dance. The thing about stripping you could get 100 no all night and and the 1 customer to say yes does and hour room, putting you at $1000 plus he tipped $250 cause he really loved your smiled. Now girl you are at $1250 and if you want could head out for the night if you really wanted to.
This industry is unpredictable in so many ways. Thats why I recommend viewing every customer as a potential millionaire. You never know what some has in their pocket or what their credit card limit is. And even if they have said no to every girl who has gone up to them. You could be the one that he want to spend it on.

  So as you can see if you relax do your thing cause we Babes know our worth. You will have no problems surviving your first day. Keep in mind friends are nice but we are here to collect our bags. If you have time to get to know a dancer you have time to go around and ask for dances or sit with a customer to try to turn him into a regular. Be about your money even when no one else is honestly just more money for you!

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