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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Confidence And Following Through With Your Audition (Stripper Diaries)

Confidence And Following Through With Your Audition 

Are you having trouble finding the confidence or with following through with your audition? Let me help you out by stating you got this! We as women are so quick to compare ourselves to one another we barely take the time to appreciate how beautiful we are ourselves as individuals. If you have read my last blog you now have all the things to be fully prepared for this audition. Now comes the hard part following through and finding the confidence to get on that stage.

If you have read my blog on Preparing For Your Audition then you literally have everything you need to neal this audition. You doubting yourself is the only thing standing in your way. An audition can go 1 of 3 ways. 

Beginner Dancer Moves
  • Sit down- (least common) more of an interview style just going over your application, interview questions and job requirements
*You are less likely to run into this case but it is easier to get hired this way if you are a new dancer who is still a little shaky on the dancing part. 
  • Looks - This can go one of two ways but both the manager/ house mom go solely of your appearance. The only difference some will judge you solely off your appearance in your street clothes or will let you put on a outfit and shoes to complete the look  
*This is a huge reason why I stress going to your audition makeup and hair wise like you would be working that night because most clubs won't give you the time to do your hair and makeup. And first impressions are everything.
  • Audition- This last one I feel is the most common and how everyone usually expects a audition to go. But it is when you get dressed and get on stage and actually perform a stage set. 
*This one is the most nerve racking one because it actually involves the performance part. But take it from an experience dancer how you actually dance is not everything. Continue reading for more advice on how to successfully get through your audition for case 3.

  I have included a video above that will help spice up your routine for your audition. But remember stripping is dancing but it should not look like a choreographed performance. And no dancer is perfect so you sure as hell do not have to be. You should look comfortable and happy up there. Even if you are a subpare dancer a smile and a bubbly personality will go along way. I have seen several girls who could not do anything but smile get the job because honestly shy and innocent still sells in the club. But one thing that will not help the situation is coming across "bitchy." For on you will start of with putting a bad taste in the other dancers mouth right off the jump. And no manger wants to add another bitchy stripper to their schedule.

  If you just go up there and do your thing and have fun with it you will have no issue getting the job along with make a few bucks while doing it. Ignore the other girls while on stage they will look but it is more like to see who they will be working with then anything else. And I feel like I should not have to say this because if you are required to do your audition fucked up maybe this is not the job for you because it will just create bad habits for you in the future. But do not get fucked up before your audition the only drug I would recommend is weed.  These managers deal with all types of girls on all types of things all the time. They will notice and promise you it will never be a good look.

  But honestly if you have followed all my advice from above you should have no issues and the worst that can happen is you have to try another club. Some clubs have specific looks that you honestly might not fit into or whatever the reason may be. Just know you tried your best and thats literally that's all you can ask of yourself. Since I know you are awesome and going to get the job stay tuned for my next blogpost on How To Get Through Your First Day.

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