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Friday, September 28, 2018

How To Be A Stripper (Auditions)

How To Be A Stripper

(Preparing for your audition)

  Have you run into hard times, just want some extra income or just have been planning to do this as soon as the clock strikes 12 and you are officially 18 years old?  Whatever your reason for being here, you are here and you have made the decision to become a stripper. I am here to help you and try to make this process a little more simple and safe for you. Furthermore the first step would be preparing for an audition.

     Things You Will Need:
  • dance outfit
  • pair of dance shoes 
  • proper IDs/ permits/ licenses 

  To start off I would like to state we all make this decision for a handful of different reasons. And in so we all find ourselves in different financial positions when we are starting out. Be comfortable in knowing that money will come and don't fret about not having everything you see other girls having at the beginning. I promise you that at one point you will have more dance clothes then you know what to do with. So in preparing for your audition you want to find 2 or 3 outfits you feel really confident and sexy in. Bringing extras just incase for some reason your not feeling your first choice but its ok just having one. Remember its also ok to start with what you have, that sexy lingerie top and bottom set you use for those special occasions would work perfectly starting out. Shoes are one thing to take into considering buying if you want to save your feet from some unnecessary pain. But if you can not afford it or you find you can not walk in them I advice start in a pair of heels you are comfortable in and work your way up in height in your heels.
  Next you will need to research the clubs your are interested in working at. If you aren't lucky enough to have a friend give you the details about the better clubs to work at, try checking out the clubs social media. (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) You can find out a lot by the club social media. Like whether or not they have features, promotional nights, or even what night and time auditions are held on.
Also its a good way to see more in detail clips or pictures of the club helping you get a better a picture of the clubs clientele and the girls that work there. However looking into the clubs social media is not all the research you will have to do. Like most things in this industry everything depends on the club. So you will have to call ahead to make sure you have all the proper identification. Some states or counties might require exotic dancers to get a license or a permit. That can cost you from $25-$500 depending on where you are looking to dance.

Different Form Of Identification:
~Drivers License/ State ID
~Birth Certificate 
~Social Security Card

Also make sure if auditions were posted on social media that information was up to date and correct. You wouldn't want to drive an hour there and a hour back just to not be able to audition and have to go back another day. Some clubs will offer you the option of working a few days to get the money for a license or permit needed. But that not every club so be prepared to keep your 9-5 a little longer just to help make the transition a lot smoother.
   If you have done all the steps above you now have a date and time scheduled for your audition. A sexy outfit with a pair of shoes you feel comfortable in, and all the proper IDS ready to go.  You now have all things needed to get the job. Now you just have to go for it and if you have done all these steps and your are still struggling stay tuned for my next blog on Confidence and Following Through With Your Audition!

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