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Friday, June 1, 2018

Back To The Woods

May 29, 2018
“My heart is no good here
Oh, it don't work like it should, was raised by the wolves
Back to the woods now, I'm going back to the woods” ~ Angel Haze

Myles Standish
   Back to the woods is more then a effort to become connected with the earth and the universe that surrounds me, it also is my way of getting in touch with my natural self. Like Kalyn Nicholson said in one of her last video this year will be the year to be "unapologetic." And I have been using that to break out of my comfort zone and do things like go out and do a photoshoot on my own. Unapologetic of the opinions of others and just doing me regardless. 

 Spending time out in nature has been wonderful not only just beautiful and serene but has helped my clear my mind to so many new creative thoughts.  New video ideas, the directions I want to take my YouTube channel, new places to take photoshoots, out in the woods all the ideas just come flooding in. And combined with my new unapologetic mindset nothing or no one can stop this from being a great year.  Being in the woods and running into a snake made 

May 29, 2018
 me realize that everything in life can be a lesson. Something as small as running into a snake and learning to use caution in tall grass or bigger life issues I may run into.
Myles Standish
  A lot of YouTube influencers talk about there battle with depression and anxiety. And there has become a stereotype about it but no not all YouTubers suffer from these issues. Those who do though I completely understand. YouTube although its filled with trolls ready to attack your every flaw. Is filled with a melting pot of communities and no matter what your story, their is a audience that can understand. My channel, my blog, everything BabeeRuthless is my attempt at putting my story out there unfiltered. 
  Back to the woods is about being ok where I am naturally at, at the moment. Living my best life regardless of the situation. A flower doesn't complain when it misses the sun on rainy days, but it takes it a day at a time because it knows the sun will come again!

May 29, 2018

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