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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

10 Benefits Of Mental Health From Planting

May, 2018 Garden

My anxiety and depression played a huge part in me getting into gardening. I honestly have always been a nature girl since a kid but did not get into gardening till the last few years. Originally gardening was escape from my problems, a place I could go to take something ugly (the huge bush that used to be in front of my house) and turn it into something beautiful (my current garden). It gave me something to worry about besides all the things going on in my life and not only that it was some thing I could actually control, unlike the majority of my problems at the time.
10 Reasons To Use Gardening To Aid Your Mental Health
    May, 2018 Garden
  1.  Looking after plants give you a since of responsibility.
  2. Gardening allows us all to be nurturers.
  3. Gardening keeps us connected to other living things. 
  4. Gardening helps us relax and let go.
  5. Working in nature releases happy hormones.
  6. Being amongst plants and flowers reminds us to live in the present moment.
  7. Gardening reminds us of the cycle of life, and thus comes to terms with the most universal of anxieties: death.
  8. Some aspects of gardening allow us to vent anger and aggression.
  9. Some aspects of gardening allow us to feel in control.
  10. Gardening is easy.
May, 2018 Garden

It was my safe place to go no worries, no judgement. The flowers did not care what I looked like, what I was wearing, the fact that I felt bloated and fat. Honestly there only to concerns were that I water them and planted them in a well lit area. My problems, my insecurities or worries were irrelevant in the eyes of my plant friends. Calling my best friend Hailee is always initiated with a "how are you" or "what have you been up to" and honestly sometime I just do not care to recap the problems I did not want to deal in the first place. You want to know what my plants ask when I see them. Lol nothing cause if they did then I think I would have some more serious mental health issues to worry about and that exactly how I like it. I am definitely not a hermit nor do I want to be interpreted as one but I am a only child and like it that way. Cause there are times where I thoroughly enjoy being alone with me a
May, 2018 Garden
nd just my thoughts. 

The only things holding me accountable is my own goals and expectations for my garden. And flowers are amazing at showing there gratitude. Every time a new bud grows or a flower blossoms those are your little flower friends saying "thank you, here is some beauty to brighten you day." 

To anyone looking to find a easy coping skill to help with there mental health issues. Gardening would definitely be one of my recommendations. 

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