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Friday, September 28, 2018

How To Be A Stripper

(Preparing for your audition)

  Have you run into hard times, just want some extra income or just have been planning to do this as soon as the clock strikes 12 and you are officially 18 years old?  Whatever your reason for being here, you are here and you have made the decision to become a stripper. I am here to help you and try to make this process a little more simple and safe for you. Furthermore the first step would be preparing for an audition.

     Things You Will Need:
  • dance outfit
  • pair of dance shoes 
  • proper IDs/ permits/ licenses 

  To start off I would like to state we all make this decision for a handful of different reasons. And in so we all find ourselves in different financial positions when we are starting out. Be comfortable in knowing that money will come and don't fret about not having everything you see other girls having at the beginning. I promise you that at one point you will have more dance clothes then you know what to do with. So in preparing for your audition you want to find 2 or 3 outfits you feel really confident and sexy in. Bringing extras just incase for some reason your not feeling your first choice but its ok just having one. Remember its also ok to start with what you have, that sexy lingerie top and bottom set you use for those special occasions would work perfectly starting out. Shoes are one thing to take into considering buying if you want to save your feet from some unnecessary pain. But if you can not afford it or you find you can not walk in them I advice start in a pair of heels you are comfortable in and work your way up in height in your heels.
  Next you will need to research the clubs your are interested in working at. If you aren't lucky enough to have a friend give you the details about the better clubs to work at, try checking out the clubs social media. (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) You can find out a lot by the club social media. Like whether or not they have features, promotional nights, or even what night and time auditions are held on.
Also its a good way to see more in detail clips or pictures of the club helping you get a better a picture of the clubs clientele and the girls that work there. However looking into the clubs social media is not all the research you will have to do. Like most things in this industry everything depends on the club. So you will have to call ahead to make sure you have all the proper identification. Some states or counties might require exotic dancers to get a license or a permit. That can cost you from $25-$500 depending on where you are looking to dance.

Different Form Of Identification:
~Drivers License/ State ID
~Birth Certificate 
~Social Security Card

Also make sure if auditions were posted on social media that information was up to date and correct. You wouldn't want to drive an hour there and a hour back just to not be able to audition and have to go back another day. Some clubs will offer you the option of working a few days to get the money for a license or permit needed. But that not every club so be prepared to keep your 9-5 a little longer just to help make the transition a lot smoother.
   If you have done all the steps above you now have a date and time scheduled for your audition. A sexy outfit with a pair of shoes you feel comfortable in, and all the proper IDS ready to go.  You now have all things needed to get the job. Now you just have to go for it and if you have done all these steps and your are still struggling stay tuned for my next blog on Confidence and Following Through With Your Audition!

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Friday, August 17, 2018

This time last year I was in a totally different head space, I saw life as a constant uphill battle. Every issue was just another punch to the chest from the universe. But this time last year I was faced with some very humbling experiences that gave me a whole new out look on life. And reminded me if you can't find anything to be grateful for to remember the little things. That so often in our day to day lives we take for granted. Gratitude was a huge part in my shift in mindset. And borrowing Hailee's copy of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne showed me just how powerful gratitude can really be. I started to include that and several oImage result for the secretther practices from that book into my life. And have watched so many beautiful things come into my life, that at one point were just thoughts flowing through my mind. 
The first thing was the Snow Tha Product concert in New York. Manifesting all the things I wanted out of that day was actually easy because I had already manifested the perfect concert experience when I went to see Angel Haze in New York in 2015. Before I even knew the power of the universe was a real thing, it was still working its magic. So in preparation for Snow I consistently thought of positive things I wanted to happen at the concert.

Snow Tha Product Bucketlist:
~Meet Snow Tha Product
~Show Her My Stripper Moves
(Lol she has a song Help A Bitch Out)
~Get on stage with her
~Have a good time all by myself

And everything I wanted to happened, happened plus so much more. For one she actually had a Meet and Greet for only $90 so that guaranteed me meeting her. Which came with meeting my line buddy who turned into my concert buddy for the rest of the night.

~Meet Snow Tha Product
(Meet and Greet)
~Have a good time all by myself
(Made new friends)

I also got a awesome autographed poster from her after I told her I was a stripper. And she signed it

saying she hopes she get to make it a rain on me lol that was just a bonus. Along with meeting all the other amazing artist on tour with her.
Once the concert started my night got even better even though I was already so grateful for everything that had already happened so far. She preformed amazing and literally once she called us on stage we were on stage with her for the rest of the concert it was crazy. And at one point I literally said fuck it, fuck the fact that the floor is cover in coronas and water, fuck the fact that the dance move requires me to lay completely on the dirty floor. Fuck it I was going to show her my moves. And I surely did and she even asked me
to do it a second time. It was definitely a night to remember and definitely makes it official I I believe in the power of the universe and only wanna go to concerts in New York lol.

~Get on stage with her
~Show her my stripper moves

The second thing manifested in my life was meeting Trisha Paytas. I love her, I have been watching her since I was in high school. I named my YouTube playlist after her book The Stripper Diaries. And I can't say I thought of meeting her to often but I know that, that was something I wanted to happen. Especially with me taking YouTube more seriously this past
year. And the moment she post she was on cape cod a few minutes away from my job I made it my mission to meet her. The universe just basically drop her on my door step. The least I could do was open the door and let her in. After two drinks and some persistent begging I was allowed to meet her on a private beach where she was staying at, honestly a huge moment for me that will never be forgotten.

The third thing manifested in my life was 5,000 subscribers. This time last year I also got back into posting videos on YouTube. I had started back when I was 16 years old but never stuck with it or stayed consistent. But the experiences I went through slightly before I started posting not only made me grateful but made me more nostalgic, if that makes since? I wanted to make beautiful memories and I wanted a keep sake from all. And that created a surge through me, YouTube was something I wanted to do seriously and still do. Not only did it push me out of my comfort zone to go on different trips by myself for content. But it also gave me a huge outlet to talk about something I had no one in my personal life to really talk to about it, which was stripping. From jumping on my account this time last year with only 34 subscribers I used consistency, patience, and a strong belief that the universe is on my side instead of against me. Helped me to take my account to 5,000 subscribers. And this past week I actually just hit 6k. The Power Of The Universe is a real thing whether you believe it or not. So why not use those powers to your advantage, I definitely have and will. I have still so much to learn when it comes to this subject but that ok because this is one subject that really excites me. It honestly just truly the belief that with time anything is possible.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

May 29, 2018
“My heart is no good here
Oh, it don't work like it should, was raised by the wolves
Back to the woods now, I'm going back to the woods” ~ Angel Haze

Myles Standish
   Back to the woods is more then a effort to become connected with the earth and the universe that surrounds me, it also is my way of getting in touch with my natural self. Like Kalyn Nicholson said in one of her last video this year will be the year to be "unapologetic." And I have been using that to break out of my comfort zone and do things like go out and do a photoshoot on my own. Unapologetic of the opinions of others and just doing me regardless. 

 Spending time out in nature has been wonderful not only just beautiful and serene but has helped my clear my mind to so many new creative thoughts.  New video ideas, the directions I want to take my YouTube channel, new places to take photoshoots, out in the woods all the ideas just come flooding in. And combined with my new unapologetic mindset nothing or no one can stop this from being a great year.  Being in the woods and running into a snake made 

May 29, 2018
 me realize that everything in life can be a lesson. Something as small as running into a snake and learning to use caution in tall grass or bigger life issues I may run into.
Myles Standish
  A lot of YouTube influencers talk about there battle with depression and anxiety. And there has become a stereotype about it but no not all YouTubers suffer from these issues. Those who do though I completely understand. YouTube although its filled with trolls ready to attack your every flaw. Is filled with a melting pot of communities and no matter what your story, their is a audience that can understand. My channel, my blog, everything BabeeRuthless is my attempt at putting my story out there unfiltered. 
  Back to the woods is about being ok where I am naturally at, at the moment. Living my best life regardless of the situation. A flower doesn't complain when it misses the sun on rainy days, but it takes it a day at a time because it knows the sun will come again!

May 29, 2018

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May, 2018 Garden

My anxiety and depression played a huge part in me getting into gardening. I honestly have always been a nature girl since a kid but did not get into gardening till the last few years. Originally gardening was escape from my problems, a place I could go to take something ugly (the huge bush that used to be in front of my house) and turn it into something beautiful (my current garden). It gave me something to worry about besides all the things going on in my life and not only that it was some thing I could actually control, unlike the majority of my problems at the time.
10 Reasons To Use Gardening To Aid Your Mental Health
    May, 2018 Garden
  1.  Looking after plants give you a since of responsibility.
  2. Gardening allows us all to be nurturers.
  3. Gardening keeps us connected to other living things. 
  4. Gardening helps us relax and let go.
  5. Working in nature releases happy hormones.
  6. Being amongst plants and flowers reminds us to live in the present moment.
  7. Gardening reminds us of the cycle of life, and thus comes to terms with the most universal of anxieties: death.
  8. Some aspects of gardening allow us to vent anger and aggression.
  9. Some aspects of gardening allow us to feel in control.
  10. Gardening is easy.
May, 2018 Garden

It was my safe place to go no worries, no judgement. The flowers did not care what I looked like, what I was wearing, the fact that I felt bloated and fat. Honestly there only to concerns were that I water them and planted them in a well lit area. My problems, my insecurities or worries were irrelevant in the eyes of my plant friends. Calling my best friend Hailee is always initiated with a "how are you" or "what have you been up to" and honestly sometime I just do not care to recap the problems I did not want to deal in the first place. You want to know what my plants ask when I see them. Lol nothing cause if they did then I think I would have some more serious mental health issues to worry about and that exactly how I like it. I am definitely not a hermit nor do I want to be interpreted as one but I am a only child and like it that way. Cause there are times where I thoroughly enjoy being alone with me a
May, 2018 Garden
nd just my thoughts. 

The only things holding me accountable is my own goals and expectations for my garden. And flowers are amazing at showing there gratitude. Every time a new bud grows or a flower blossoms those are your little flower friends saying "thank you, here is some beauty to brighten you day." 

To anyone looking to find a easy coping skill to help with there mental health issues. Gardening would definitely be one of my recommendations. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Image result for guacamole stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon recipe

Image result for guacamole stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon recipe

  • 2 large or 4 small boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2-3/4 cup prepared guacamole
  • 8 slices hickory or apple smoked bacon


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a large rectangular baking pan with foil. Lay a wire rack in the pan. Spray with nonstick spray.
  2. Pound chicken breasts to about 1/2" thickness. If using 2 large breasts, you can either pound thin as is or cut into 2 portions each. The cut should be made lengthwise so you are starting with a thinner, longer piece.
  3. Lay flat and place a scoop of guacamole on each breast. Roll up starting at one of the short ends.
  4. Wrap each breast in 2 pieces of bacon and secure with toothpicks.
  5. Place each breast on the wire rack making sure they do not touch one another. Bake for 30-40 minutes. During last 8-10 minutes place under broiler to crisp up the bacon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Summer is right around the corner, not only  that but the peak of the season at my club. Fitness has always been something I have been working on but I have never been as focused as I am now. I want to be secure with myself and body. And let my insecurities be the last thing I have to worry about this summer while trying to reach so many of my other goals. I have come along way from 225lbs where I initially started. But I am nowhere near where I plan to be. I plan on working 4-5 days a week and if you have not dance before it is a killer workout. And on the days I have off go to the gym. I am also working on my flexibility by trying to attend at least one yoga class a week along with at home yoga routines. 

Tuesdays Workout  4/10/18
*Stretches (For Splits)
*50 Crunches
*30 Second Plank/ Side Plank
*20 Lunges Each Leg (20 lbs)
*20 minute Cardio (Elliptical)
*40 Squats (20 lbs)
*20 Side Bent Leg Raises (Each Side/ With Resistant Band)

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